Value Pack 4 | BIG PACK | custom stickers | label school stuff | dishwasher safe | Includes 3 custom Standard backpack TAGS

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PACK 4 is an excellent choice if your kiddo has lots of items to label


You get 120 Stickers and 3 x Standard Bag Tags in this PACK

Select your FONT and your color BACKGROUND choice from the drop-down menu's

Includes 3 x Standard Bag Tags worth $30.00

Choose from 5 different fonts and 50 different ICONS


  • snack containers
  • water bottles
  • school supplies
  • books
  • electronics - eg. i-pad
  • backpacks
  • camp gear
  • toys - eg. Skateboard and more...

Need more than one? You SAVE when you buy more

Our stickers are dishwasher resistant, microwave safe and freezer safe!

PACK includes:

16 x Little Labels (black and white, no icon)
36 x Small Labels (black and white, no icon)
40 x Standard Round Labels (also used to label shoes)
28 x Roundtangle Labels
3 x Standard Bag Tags

How to order:

    1. Select your QUANTITY, FONT and BACKGROUND COLOR from the drop-down menu's above. 
    2. Then enter the First and Last names that you want to appear on your stickers in the next text box provided.
    3. Lastly, use the images to find and choose your ICON, and enter the name in the text box.

**If you are ordering more than 1 set please add additional ICON and First and Last names under your First Names set in the last text box**

You're all set!