THIN Corded Face Mask Lanyard | Strap | various colors |

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Keep your mask with you the whole day with our lightweight and fun THIN CORDED Face Mask Lanyards/straps

Perfect fit for kids or adults!

- smaller clips on side (0.5 inch), good for smaller kids

Make school a little easier on your kid and going to the store easier on you!

No worrying about dropping your mask on the floor or trying to find it in your purse or backpack.

These Lanyards come in 6 different colors

The cord, 0.5 inch grey steel clips and environmentally friendly silicone end, makes this lanyard/straps light and great for younger kids.

They have a steel clip at each end so you can easily take your mask off the strap or attach a fresh clean mask onto the strap.

Colors: Black; blue; purple; green; red; yellow

The clip is 0.5 inches long.

* It will not fit a 'gaitor' style or scarf mask that has NO straps

* Mask is NOT included
* Price is for Lanyard/Strap ONLY

• Kids should remove Lanyards before playing outside or on the playground!

 Not suitable for kids aged under 3 years old