Tagua ANILLO Necklace NATURAL ONLY | Vegetable Ivory| Long |

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Our long adjustable ANILLO necklace is beautifully handcrafted from rings all individually handcrafted

The handcrafted rings are made from the nut of a certain Palm Tree

This nut is referred to as Tagua or Vegetable Ivory

Our Tagua is organic, sustainable and eco-friendly

It is dyed using high-grade certified organic vegetable dyes imported from Italy

Tagua (Vegetable Ivory) has the same appearance, density, and feel of animal ivory without doing any harm to any animals or to the rainforests where it is found

The length is adjustable - It can be worn any length between 12 and 47 inches

Each Tagua bead is hand-carved making every necklace unique

**Due to the natural component of our products, and the natural dyes, the colors/color combinations and size of beads may vary slightly**