Sock Dots | No mix-ups | Allocate a color to each child | iron-on | easy

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Bright, colorful and easily recognised

No more household sock mix-ups! These are easily ironed-on with a household iron.

Our Sock Dots are perfect for organising socks in a family or large household.

You get 8 pairs of Sock Dots in a single pack - each pair comes with a different pattern, but you can choose only 1 color

Choose between 7 different colors for your socks:

• Pink

• Purple

• Blue

• Green

• Orange

• Yellow

• Red

Example: 1 child can choose blue and get 8 pairs and the other choose orange and get 8 pairs.

Size: 0.65" (16.5mm) diameter

Select your QUANTITY, and COLOR from the drop-down menu's above

Example: Quantity: 1-pack Color: Purple

**if you are ordering more than 1 set please repeat the order

You're all set!