Organic Tagua Nativity Scene | Vegetable Ivory) | unique gift

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Our NATIVITY SCENE  carved into a Tagua nut is the ideal unique heart-felt gift for any loved one.

Currently available in 1 style and size only: as shown in photos


Ideal for many occasions:

• Christmas (unique gift)

• Stocking stuffer

• Religeous


Our handcrafted Nativity Scene is made from the nut of a Palm Tree

This nut is hand carved individually making each Scene unique

The nut is referred to as Tagua or Vegetable Ivory

All our Tagua is organic, sustainable and eco-friendly

Tagua (Vegetable Ivory) has the same appearance, density, and feel of animal ivory without doing any harm to any animals or to the rainforests where it is found

Each nut is different in shape and size, a general size to give you an idea is:

2 inches H x 1.5 inches L x 1 inch W

**Due to the natural component of our products, the size and design of each NATIVITY SCENE may vary slightly**