MIX (2 designs) | No Prob Llama | Drama Llama | Sticker Pack | Creations | 14 stickers| Vinyl stickers | laptop decor | journal

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Have fun with these very cool Llama's in different shades and pastel colors 

Our 'Creations' are designed for fun use in planners, journals, i-pads, phones, tablets, laptops, books, cards and anything you want to have fun with!

Printed on Semi-gloss Vinyl Adhesive and can be carefully removed if needed

You get 14 mixed Llama stickers!

Two sheets: (1 of each design)

  • 1 x sheet of 'No prob Llamas' (7 stickers)
  • 1 x sheet of 'Drama Llama's' (7 stickers)

14 stickers altogether

Size - Each sheet is approximately 5.5 x 2.75 inches

The large round sticker is 2" diameter and the medium size stickers are 1.125"

Buy more than 1 set and get  a discount!

1 x set: $9.50

2 x sets: $14.90

3 x sets: $20.90

4 x sets: $27.90

This product is from our 'Creations' line and is not a custom sticker

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