Halloween Slime TRIO | Slime | combo | foam balls | Laken and Friends | Halloween Party | Green Ghoul | multi color Active

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A set of 3 Halloween theme SLIMES!

1 x 2 oz Halloween Party 'Pumpkin Crunch': Sugar beads and foam balls in an orange clear slime (fishbowl)
1 x 2 oz Gooey Gush: Thick 'n Glossy slime with graveyard stone sequence. Also has green glitter and glitter balls.
1 x 2 oz Purple Ghoul: Dark purple Crunchy slime (with foam balls). A sprinkle of glitter with a graveyard stone sequence.

You get all 3 slimes!

This slime is made by Laken and occasionally some helpers.
It is made in strict conditions using latex gloves so that it is kept clean and pure.

This slime is a set of three 2 oz containers
It has sequence, foam balls, stars and glitter and fishbowl beads.

• In warmer weather your slime might melt during shipping. See enclosed care card for instructions.
• In colder weather your slime my freeze, allow some time for it to warm up before use.

- small bag of Borax
- care card
- instructions
- a piece of candy!

*Please note that lighting effects the photos differently and your slime might not be exactly as the colors shown in the photo's
All our slimes are handmade and so all differ slightly, however we do try to make sure our batches are true to the color in the photo's pictured in the listing.