Tagua Jewelry

Our Story

tagua girls

The Tagua branch of Happy Me Designs was founded by 4 old friends (1 silent) with a passion for business and design.

Inspired by the local community in Ecuador and the amazing product that grows there abundantly, they created the Happy Me Tagua Jewelry range. 

Our Aim

With each of our skills we've worked out how to build our new business and are excited to share our jewelry designs, along with some of the local artists designs, with you.

We buy our handcrafted beads straight from the talented artisans of Ecuador, design our jewelry in the US and sell to you.

All our crafters are fairly compensated, which helps them to continue following their artistic paths and passions while providing for their families.

We also sell beads to other designers around the world.

For us at Happy Me Tagua quality, customer service and supporting the local artisans of Ecuador, is what's important and we will aim to continue along this path while blending handcrafted genuine sustainable materials with modern-day fashion trends.

Our Product

Our Tagua is organic, sustainable and eco-friendly.
It is dyed using high-grade certified organic vegetable dyes imported from Italy.

Tagua, also referred to as Vegetable Ivory has the same appearance, density, and feel of animal ivory without doing any harm to any animals or to the rainforests where it is found.

It is a vegan product.

Each Tagua bead is individually hand-carved making every bracelet unique

It is made from the nut of a Palm Tree.
This nut is referred to as Tagua or Vegetable Ivory.

Giving Back

Today, as a new business, Happy Me Tagus sells hundreds of quality handcrafted beads and jewelry to fashion-forward women all over the world while giving back to the local artisans of Ecuador.